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How do I add team members?

Accessing the Teams page

To manage your team, click the "Teams" tab in the top left.

From here, you can...

  1. Change your team's name
  2. Invite team members and assign them roles
    1. Members - Able to see and create team reports
    2. Admins - Same privileges as a member, and can invite other members to join the team 
  3. Change the ownership of your team

Inviting team members and admins

Once you have invited a team member as an admin, the team member will receive an email asking them to join the team. There, they can click a button to join, and they will be redirected to the app.

The invitee will see their invitation pop up once they open the app, and all they need to do is click "Accept". That's it.

Managing your team

Once you have added your team members, you'll have options for the following:

  1. Change their role/status
  2. See how many project each member has pulled
  3. Remove team members
  4. Resend invite emails

Please reach out on our Contact Us page if you have any questions or need more assistance.