How do I transfer my team to a new owner?

How to change ownership of your OneClick Code account to a new owner

When this type of situation will happen

  • this can happen when…
    • A new company/ employer is taking over the account
    • An employee is no longer working for the company
    • Employees have new email addresses

Steps to transfer ownership

Steps the current owner of the account needs to follow:

  1. To manage your team, click the “Teams” tab in the top left

  2. Click on Invite team member

    image-png-Jan-27-2023-05-06-42-1958-PM copy
  3. Make sure the role selected is Admin

  4. AFTER the new team admin has accepted the invite. Promote them to become the new owner by going under the Role/ Status column click on the dropdown menu next to admin for the account you want to promote  Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 12-23-29 PM-png-1 copy

  5. You will have the option to select the Owner. This promotes that user as the new Owner of the team. It will also allow you to leave the team in the future if you no longer want to be part of that team and have your own separate account. 
    Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 1.50.31 PM

Steps the New Account Owner must follow:

  1. You will need to accept the team invite.

  2. Click on teams

  3. On the team roster, go to the old Owner’s email, under the Role/Status section, change their role from Admin to Member, and select Apply.

    image (3)-png copy

Billing Implications

  • The current billing information for the account will remain as is with the new Owner of the account
  • If there is new billing information that needs to be updated, the new Owner is responsible for updating that information
    • Feel free to contact us if you need any help adding a new payment method to your account

Is the Old Owner still a member of the team?

  • If YES, then this process is all done!
  • if NO…
    • The new Owner or the old Owner member will need to remove the account from the team
    • follow the steps below to remove an old team member:
      1. On the dashboard, click on teams

      2. On the team roster, go the old Owner’s email, next to Actions click the OFF button

        4image-png (1) copy 2

      3. Select, “Yes, Leave the team”

What happens to projects when I transfer ownership and leave the team?

  • The team gets to keep a copy of all projects you created while on the team.
  • You get to keep a copy of all projects you created while on the team, and also a copy of any projects created by other team members that you have viewed.
  • Make sure you view any projects you want to keep before leaving the team.
  • Our tech support team will transfer historical project data to your new solo account