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I signed up for a Plan, but I need more reports. What should I do?

We now have multiple plan options to accommodate the number of reports you need.

Each plan comes with Manufacturer Reports, Building Design Criteria Reports, Ice & Water Shield Evidence Reports, and Permit Fee Reports. Learn more about the different reports here: What's Included in My Plan?

We also offer Add-On Reports such as Building Code Reports and Weather History Reports. With these Add-On Reports, anything over your monthly report limit will be charged a small per-report fee. Visit the Plans page for more information. 
    • Additional Building Code Reports are $10/ea
    • To access more Weather Reports, upgrade to the Pro or Premium Plan.

If you have purchased your plan through Apple in the App Store, or on Google in the Google Play Store, you are not eligible for overages.  Subscriptions purchased on those platforms do not allow us to charge for overages and individual projects. This means that if you have purchased the subscription on Android or iOS, there is no option to create extra reports that exceed the monthly allotment.  You can upgrade your plan to Pro or  Premium if you need more monthly reports. 


You can always upgrade your subscription to increase the number of Property Quickviews included in your plan.

Click on the button below to see which plan is right for your needs. 

Contact us if you have any questions or need more assistance.