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If I have the same project that I have done in the past, do I need to start a new project in OneClick Code or will the code update?

Say you have started a project in the past and now you want to see code updates to the project or you are working on that same home after a hail storm. Can you click on the old project or do you have to start a new project with that same address?

The simple answer, you should start a new project. Here's why:

With any subscription to OneClick Code, you will have lifetime access to projects. We allow this so that you can always go back in your dashboard and have the same information as it was relevant at that time.

Say you started a project for 555 Address St. City, State 11111 and, the code at the time said that you did not need ice and water shield. You submitted a OneClick Code Report to the insurance carrier. Then a year later, you are back at that house for some reason. Maybe they got hit with a massive hail storm and need more work. You look back to that old address on your OneClick Code dashboard and that old snapshot and report will show the old data. We do this so that you can always defend your estimates. You might need to go back and see how the code has changed over time or how you created a certain estimate and why.

But, for this new hail-affected job at the same address, you must create a new project in your dashboard to get the most up-to-date information about that property. A year later, that jurisdiction might say that ice and water shield is required. 

We have you covered for past and present projects regardless of address. 


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