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Expired Plans

Is your plan expired? Here's a guide to the new plan options we have available.

We are discontinuing our legacy plan starting November 29th. This means that you will not be able to renew your subscription to the same plan once your renewal date is reached.  We have some new plan options for you to choose from to best fit your needs. 


Essential Plan: Starting at $19/ month (or $180/year) is the smallest plan package we offer and is great for users who create about 1-2 building code reports per month. The Essential plan includes: 

  • 10 Project Quickview lookups/mo (additional projects $2/ea) 
  • 2 Building Code reports/mo  (additional report $10/ea ) 
  • 1 Weather history report/mo

Pro Plan: Starting at $59/month, (or 588/year) the Pro plan is our mid-sized plan package, best suited for users who create about 5-8 building code reports a month and have team members they would like on the account. The Pro Plan comes with: 

  • 30 Project Quickview lookups/mo ( additional projects $2/ea) 
  • 8 Building Code reports/mo (additional report $10/ea ) 
  • 4 Weather history reports/mo 
  • Add up 50 team members 

Premium Plan: Starting at $119/month (, this is on of our largest plans we have. This plan is great for users who create about 10-20 building code reports per month and have a large number of team members. The Premium Plan includes: 

  • 60 Project Quickview lookups/mo (additional projects $2/ea) 
  • 20 Building Code reports/mo  (additional report $10/ea ) 
  • 10 Weather history reports/mo
  • Add an unlimited number of team members 

For the Pro and Premium annual plans you can use code: annual30 to get 30% off on your subscription purchase. This promo code expires December 31st. 


Are the plans offered above not quite the right fit? We have  Business Plans available for users to choose from as well. If you create over 40 building code reports or weather reports a month, and/ or heavily use our integrations with Company Cam and Zapier, one of the Business Plan Packages (small, medium, and large) could be perfect you.

Business Plan: starting at $139/ month or (1,500/year)  the Small Business Plan includes: 

  • 50 Building Code reports/mo (additional reports $2.75/ea) 
  • 50 Weather History reports/mo 
  • Add unlimited number of team members 
  • Integrations with Zapier and Company Cam supported

Contact us if you would like more information about pricing  and what's included for the Business Plans we offer.