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New Plan FAQs

  • What if I need more than 10 reports a month?
    • You are always able to purchase additional projects for a small fee if and when you have more volume. This way, you're only paying for what you need and never more. 
  • What is Project Rollover?
    • Project Rollover allows you to save any unused project up to 100 projects at no additional charge. So, if you don't use any projects in one month, you'll have 10 extra reports that you can use whenever you need them.
  • Can I pause my account during the slow season?
    • We designed our plans to be as user-friendly as possible. During the slow season, any unused reports will be added to the following 2 months. You are always free to downgrade to our free Starter plan at any point, but you will lose the project rollover benefit.
  • How do I share reports?
    • In every snapshot, you will see a blue button with 3 white dots in the lower right-hand corner. This button will open up all the report options available to you with your subscription. These reports are shareable with the click of a button. All shareable reports include Code Detail, Manufacturer Requirements, Building Design Criteria, and the Permit Calculator.
  • What is Hail Storm History?
    • You will see a brief hail storm history powered by HailTrace. If you want to view the full 3-year hail and wind history report, sign up for a Pro plan. 
  • How many people can I add to the plans?
    • Starter: Limited to 1 user per account
    • Pro: Add up to 50 team members 
    • Enterprise: Custom - Contact us for details
  • Does the extra Starter report include the weather report?
    • At the moment, the free Starter plans do not include weather data.
  • When should I consider Enterprise?
    • If you are using more than 200 reports per month, you should contact us regarding an Enterprise plan. If you're using less than 200 reports per month, a Pro Plan is still the best option for you.