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New Plan FAQs

Common Questions about our new plans are answered here

What's a Property Quickview? 
  • A Property Overview is based on a project address. 
  • When you search for any address within OneClick, Project Quickview gives you jurisdiction, sales tax, and property details to start your estimate.
What if I need more Property Overviews than my plan offers?  
  • If you purchased your plan through the OneClickCode.com website, you can create as many Property Quickviews as you need. Anything over your monthly limit will be $2 each.
  •  If you have purchased your plan from App Store or the Google Play Store, you will need to upgrade your plan to create more projects.
  • What's included in each plan: 
    • Essential: 10 Property Quickviews per month 
    • Pro: 30 Property Quickviews per month 
    • Premium: 60 Property Quickviews per month 
  • Contact us if you work on more than 60 projects per month. 
What are Add-Ons?
  • Add-Ons allow you to decide what data and reports you need for your roofing estimates.
  • Need Building Code Reports? No problem; each plan comes with a few included. If you go over, they are just $10 each al la carte.
  • Need 3-Year Hail and Wind History for your project? No problem; each plan comes with a few included. Please take a look below for details. If you need more, upgrade to a higher-tier plan.
What Add-Ons are included in my plan? 
  • Building Code Reports: you will get detailed building code data for each project  
    • Essential: 2 Building Code Reports
    • Pro: 8 Building Code Reports
    • Premium: 20 Building Code Reports
  • Weather History Reports: Powered by Canopy Weather, reports include a 3-year hail and wind storm history for any address in the US 
    • Essential: 1 Weather Report
    • Pro: 4 Weather Reports
    • Premium: 10 Weather Reports
How do I get more Add-ons?
  • You can add as many Building Code Reports as you need. Anything over your monthly report limit will be charged a small per-report fee of $10. 
  • To access more Weather History Reports, upgrade to the Pro or Premium. Are you a larger organization? Contact us for more information on an Enterprise plan. 
What will happen to my old plan?
  • If you are on the legacy Pro plan or business plan, you will see a visual re-design of the building code and weather data we display 
How many users can be on my plan?
  • Essential: Limited to 1 user per account
  • Pro: Add up to 50 users
  • Premium: Unlimited users
  • Enterprise: Contact us for details
What integrations are included in my plan?
  • For anyone on an older plan, integrations are available, including:
    • Zapier
    • HailTrace 
    • Company Cam  

For a limited time, integrations are unavailable for the new 2023 plans. Please stay tuned as we fix this issue.

What Reports do I get?
  • We offer reports for many different parts of an estimate
  • Add-On Reports
    • Building Code Reports
      •  This detailed report will give you the correct jurisdiction, sales tax, and building code language straight from the code book itself. All wrapped up in a report trusted by insurers.
      • Commercial & Residential
    • Weather History Report
      • Wind Report
      • Hail Report
  • Manufacturer Requirements Report
    • This report compares the manufacturer's basic warranty to what is required by local building code to give you the defense you need to remain compliant
  • We also offer reports from our Estimating Tools that you can copy, download as a PDF, or share instantly
    • Ice & Water Shield Report
    • Roof Ventilation Report
    • Shingle Waste Report
  • Building Design Criteria Report
    • Used by engineers and architects or for a full rebuild, the BDC report covers everything from wind speed and snow load to elevation.
Can I download and share reports?
  • Yes! Our reports are sharable instantly.
    • Download as a PDF
    • Copy to your estimate files
    • Share via mobile or email
    • Print easily
What is Weather History?
  • OneClick Code has partnered with Canopy Weather (a partner of HailTrace) to provide historical wind and hail storm data for every property in the U.S. Gain visibility into the impact of storms across several different proximities as well as the severity of specific weather events. For a limited time, Weather History data and reports are available free of charge. 
  • You will see a brief hail or wind storm history powered by Canopy Weather. With the Weather add-on, you can view the full 3-year hail and wind history report. 
What Happened to the Starter Plan? 
  • We are no longer supporting the Starter Plan. If you are on a Starter Plan, your account will be inactive on August 4th. If you cancel your plan or it becomes inactive, you will no longer be able to create new projects. Upgrade to a new plan to keep streamlining your roofing estimates.  
When should I consider Enterprise?
  • If you are working on more than 200 projects per month, you would be a perfect candidate for an Enterprise plan. Streamline your roofing estimates across your entire company. We offer seamless integrations, volume discounts, and unlimited seats for qualifying companies. Apply Now or talk to our sales team


Contact us if you have any questions or need more assistance.