What does the Ventilation Calculator do?

This tool calculates how much ventilation you need to stay up to code.

Roof ventilation is essential for a healthy and balanced attic, but calculating it can be a challenge. This measurement can vary depending on roof size, roof pitch, and the types of vents used. 

The OneClick Code Ventilation Calculator takes the guesswork out of this mathematical equation and walks you through it every step of the way - without a confusing formula! We do this by taking the square footage of the attic, and turning the 3D measurements into 2D to help document the need for any additional vents, while taking existing vents into account.

At the click of a button, you'll get the accurate measurements for the necessary ventilation needed based on the complexity of the roof, and how much ventilation to you need to stay up to code to maintain the necessary air flow.

Try it for yourself - https://www.oneclickcode.com/tools/ventilation-calculator

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