Weather Report FAQ

These are some common questions we get about our weather data.

In April 2022, OneClick Code integrated with Canopy Weather With access to 3-year hail and wind storm history powered by HailTrace on every address, contractors and insurance adjusters can build defensible estimates with the data to back it up within seconds of starting a roofing project in the app. Below you can find more information about which Plans will have full access to the weather history reports. 

Canopy Weather and HailTrace are proud to announce a united front in providing the finest severe weather data and products on the market. As we merge our expertise, we're rebranding our automated weather reports to simply 'Canopy Weather', previously known as 'HailTrace Canopy Algorithm'. Be assured that the quality and trust you've placed in our weather data remain the same quality, only the brand name has evolved. 


What is the Weather History Add-On, and how do I unlock it?

  • The Weather History add-on includes a 3-year hail and wind storm history report with crucial data such as size of hail, speed of wind, and dates the storms occurred.
  • Just search for an address to create a Property Quickview, scroll down, and click the orange "unlock" button for Weather History to view the hail and wind reports. 

I am on an old plan. What weather data will I see?

  • If you are currently on an older OneClick Code plan, you will see 3-year hail and wind data for any project you create. If you are on a new plan, please see your plan details to learn about how many come with your plan, or check out this article from our help center: New Plan FAQ

I need more weather reports. What should I do? 

  • If you want more weather reports, you will need to upgrade your plan. We do not offer project overages for weather reports. 
    • For Essential plan users, upgrade to our Pro plan 
    • For Pro plan users, upgrade to our Premium plan 
    • For Premium plan users, contact us  for more options
Will I get an alert when there is hail?
  • No, OneClick Code does not send alerts for any severe weather events. However, our weather data from Canopy Weather is updated daily. 
Can I remove the weather data option?
  • All plans that we offer come with at least one weather history project. If weather data is not a priority for you, you can leave the report out of your claim file. 
What about hurricanes? Is there weather data on that?
  • Yes, the Wind History Report shows wind speeds within a 3-mile radius of the search address. These reports include the severity of the storm based on wind speed: from sub-severe to severe thunderstorms and category 1 to category 5 hurricanes.
How often is the weather data updated?
  • Weather data for both hail and wind storms are updated by Canopy Weather daily.  
Why do I need weather data on my report?
  • Most roofs are damaged either by severe hail or wind storms. Weather reports are mainly used to help prove or disprove that storm damage occurred in a specific area on a specific date by contractors and adjusters. 
Can I sign up for wind reports but not hail?
  • When you sign up for an account, you will get both wind and hail data. You can create a pdf for Wind Storm dates or Hail Storm dates separately. Just choose whichever report you need to attach to your claim files, and you will be on your way to a more accurate estimate!


Contact us if you have any questions or need more assistance.