What is the Building Code Add-On, and How do I unlock it?

Here is all that you need to understand what Building Code Add-On is and how to unlock all the details.

Building Code is the most comprehensive add-on we offer. This add-on covers everything in the Property Quickview but adds an extra layer of detail to support what Building Codes are required for this project.

Creating the Property Quickview is the first step in providing a defensible estimate, but not the last. In order to show proof to close the claim, you'll need to attach a Building Code Report to your claim file. 

Here's how to get started:

  1. To get started click Create New Project

  2. Type in the address
  3. Select Create Project
  4. You are now viewing the Property Quickview. Scroll down and click Unlock Building Code Detail.
  5. Select whether the property is Residential or Commerical. You can also fill out the Date of Loss or Date of Construction for the property. Click Submit to view the Building Code Details. 
  6. You are now viewing the Building Code Detail for this property. Scroll down to see all the reports you can make. Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 3.03.15 PM
  7. From here, you can now create and view the Building Code Report, Manufacturer Requirement Report, and Building Design Criteria reports. You can also click on the Code Book link that will take you directly to the building code book that is adopted by the municipality.

As a final tip, you can easily share this report by clicking "Share" in the top right. Download as a PDF, email, or print at the click of a button.


Contact us if you have any questions or need more assistance.