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What property details are included in the OneClick Code Snapshot Report?

The OneClick Code Report Snapshot compiles code requirements, permit details, property details, storm details, and more all in one report for you. Each element will help you create a defensible roofing estimate for each property. 

By clicking into any project you have on your dashboard, the report snapshot provides a brief overview so you can have quick information at your fingertips.

The first part of the snapshot in the yellow box shows you the jurisdiction-having authority for the property address, as well as code enforcement, manufacturers specifications, and sales tax. 

Under the yellow box, you will see the contact information for that specific municipality. 

Scroll down, and you can view the current IRC or IBC enforcements for the property type. If you see a PDF icon next to Ice & Water Shield, click on it to view an evidence report for that project.

The next section highlights the current IECC, including elevation, climate zone, and more. 

The Property Details section provides more info, such as home size and build date, which can be helpful when building an estimate. 

Are you using a drone? The report also includes the FAA Regulations so you can fly with confidence. 

The final section is the hail storm history. This data shows the latest hail storms that hit within 3 miles of that property. 

After viewing the snapshot, it's time to download your report. Each report can be downloaded and shared to submit with your claim documents. 

Click here to watch a video about the snapshot property details. 


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