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Plan Changes in Effect April 2022

Starting April 2022, you will see new plan options

We are excited to announce our pricing plan changes to allow users to have access to a free account for our basic information and a paid account that will feature our HailTrace integration. These changes will go live on April 2022.

Click here to learn how the HailTrace integration will work

Click here to learn more about the new pricing plans

What if I have an old plan? What will happen to my account?

For users on our grandfathered accounts, nothing will change on your account. You will have access to our Hail Storm History. However, if you want access to the full HailTrace integration (3-year hail and wind history data), then you must upgrade to the new Pro Plan. The full HailTrace integration also includes Wind Storm History.

Can I downgrade my plan to the free Starter plan?

Yes, you can downgrade to our free plan, Starter. When you downgrade, you lose access to any integrations (including the HailTrace weather data), and you will only have 2 projects/month. Learn more about what is included in Starter.

Still interested in the free plan option? Access your account page from the OneClick Code app. Cancel your current plan. You will automatically be directed to a Starter plan that you can start using today! 


Please reach out on our Contact Us page if you have any questions or need more assistance.