What does the Ice & Water Shield (IWS) Calculator Tool Do?

This tool calculates how much IWS you need based on the pitch of the roof.

Ice and Water Shield, sometimes called ice barrier membrane, is a waterproof layer on a roof that protects the roof from ice and water damage. In cold climates, IWS is often required by local building codes. To determine how much IWS you need on a roof, you'll need to measure a few things first - including roof pitch, eave length, valley length, roof size, and more. Then, you take all those measurements and use them in an elaborate formula to calculate how much IWS you'll need. 

The OneClick Code IWS Calculator takes the guesswork out of this mathematical equation and gives you the info you need in the click of a button. We do all that math for you, for FREE. 

Try it for yourself - https://www.oneclickcode.com/tools/ice-water-shield-calculator

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